Thursday, May 29, 2014

50 signs of zouk addiction

For my fellow zouk dancers.... I was going to make just a short list. But hey, I managed to stop at 50!!?!

1. You go shopping for clothes or shoes and see something you like. The first thing you think is "but can I dance in this"?

2. The clothes in your wardrobe are getting a lot smaller, shorter, lighter and less modest.

3. You become to know a new level of how bad your shoes can smell.

4. (Zoukeiras:) You start looking at other people's long hair with admiration and envy.

5. Most of the websites you visit contain the word "zouk" or "dance" in their url.

6. You've already decided to shut your laptop but then you think "I'll just watch one more dance video".

7. You have to get a new hard drive because your old one runs out of space from all the dance videos you have.

8. You start changing your user IDs and profile names to something that contains the word "zouk".

9. Your ringtone is a zouk song.

10. You think it's completely normal to get extremely close A) a person you don't know at all and B) a completely sweat-drenched person.

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  1. I'm resonating with way too many of these points...even dreaming of new Zouk moves in my sleep then waking exited from the dream!