Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lifts and dips

Best way to spend a warm and sunny summer evening? Definitely dancing outdoors! Our zouk Tuesdays continued in the lovely park by the Töölönlahti bay behind the Opera House. As the early evening lindyhoppers fanned out we took the stage. Some zoukers actually came with blankets, chocolates and beer too.. hmm, I like where this is going.. :D

I took lots of pics (which are not organised yet) and some people videos as well, such as this one:

Thanks to Laura for uploading the video! As it happens the video also captured Jaakko and I goofing around - while the others dance zouk beautifully :) Ok, I don't always goof around!! But love to do it when I get the change, hehe. The video is a testament that I can totally dip a guy twice my weight (it's all in the technique, obviously ;)) and that improvised lifts also look very improvised! :D

One photo that sums up the "lovely summer eve dancing" atmosphere - taken by Ruj who helpfully posted it on our facebook page :)

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