Thursday, August 25, 2011

Week of a dancing girl in Helsinki

Monday: Great way to start the week is by trying out the new gym's latin dance class. The one I tried included some chachacha and salsa choreography - and was suprisingly interesting and fun! Have to do that again!

Tuesday: Normal zouk social and technique & acrobatics practica -day. Ok, acrobatics is not normal in zouk, just normal to our "let's see how high we can get the ladies" zouk people!

Wednesday and Thusday: thinking happy thoughts, working out at the gym, seeing non-zouky friends (yes, I still have those!)... or if you suddenly feel dance deprived there's always something going on in either Cuba or Havanna (or both!) ;)

Friday: Party time! Samba season opening party was the place to be last Friday. I got to dance basically everything I know and love: zouk, bachata, reggaeton, salsa, samba... Also enjoyed the fact I could catch up with all my samba friends! And sip a couple caipirinhas :P

Saturday: More zouk! Last weekend we had the first zouk classes of the autumn season. Now three per week (beginners, intermediate and musicality & styling) - a great improvement on the one per week schedule that we had last season! In the evening we also gathered in the city for some latin party with our zouky people.

Sunday: The week ended with Salsa Borealis Jailyard party: a salsa party, where I danced bachata, wearing my new FinZouk top (which I seem to be wearing everywhere at the moment). I say the week is complete! :)

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