Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flea market weekend (but where were the fleas?)

My 'cleaning the closets' project was a great success - got five big bags of clothes, houseware, books, CDs and random knick-knacks to get rid of. That meaning, to sell and recycle! I booked a table in one of the biggest local flea markets and the day went better than I had expected. Was at the market from 7 am (!!?!) to almost 3 pm and managed to sell half of my things, all for a reasonable price. One big bag of unsold clothes I donated to the clothes collection box.

It was great to see people  finding something interesting from the things that I no longer needed. I even sold one cardigan I had knitted about 10 years ago and had never liked or used. The best part was that the girl who bought it got more excited when she realised I had made it myself - the cardigan had a story - and was even delighted to pay more for it than for the brand name knits. So, one cardigan has a happy home now :D

Luckily I had no time to go around the market to make any "great" finds for myself. I might need to visit the flea market again later this year :) Can recommend this to everybody, both for selling and making finds!

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