Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My birthday roda

I had a little birthday celebration at my house the other day. I didn't feel like doing anything special this year since I've been super busy so a little tea & meringue pie with a couple friends was all I had planned. I got some lovely presents too - and people loved the pie so I was happy with that :)

But that's not all the happened. My friends had also organised me a surprise roda for my birthday. A roda (on zouk birthdays) means that people gather in a circle around the person who is celebrating (guys around a girl or girls around a guy) and steal the person to dance with one after another for the one song. Usually the roda is announced by the dj but this was a surprise. I love surprises! My lovely dance partner had invited all of our zouky friends to come the "kizomba and zouk night" in the local latin bar Havanna. Here's some of the messages him and another darling dance friend of mine had wrote in organising this.

I hope that as many as possible can come to Havanna for the evening and we can suprise her there. My idea is that there wont be any announcement about the roda. On a specific song around 22.30 I take her to dance and then you just come and steal and gather around. For the specific song I chose Sent from heaven by DJ Nyx. So all the Zoukers come there and lets make this unforgettable night for her :)

We need to keep all this secret until the song "sent from heaven" comes out. He will take her to the dance floor and then you guys can come start to steal her and form the roda around. Girls can of course also try and make her dance! is this making sense? Really not a word before that, maybe do not even wish her happy birthday before the roda! Unless she already told you it was her birthday ok? She is a clever girl!

And don't hesitate when to start stealing, the song is only 4 minutes. So act fast and think later ;)


It was so much fun reading these messages after the evening! It went exactly as they had planned. When the song started (one of my favourite songs, of course he had picked a good one) my dance partner took the dance floor. The moment we started dancing one of our zouk teachers came to steal me and I saw the circle of guys form around me in seconds! All I could think was "wow, all this for me!" My first birthday roda :) And the guys really went at it and were stealing me from each others' all they could, I could barely keep up with who I was dancing with!! :D But that's exactly why I love our zouky boyz here, they know how to burn the floor and make it fun for the girl! Here's a video clip from the roda:

I was so happy to see so many of my friends, they all made my birthday special :) A big thanks to everybody who made all of this happen!!

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