Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Videos from Berg's Congress 2013 - you have to see it to believe it

I compiled some lists for videos of the 5th Berg's Congress - you can find the links to the videos below! The lists are in no way complete as there were about 80 workshops and about the same number of show and competition performances. But I've tried to make sure I've looked up the most interesting and popular ones!

Below is the playlist of videos of the workshops and demos. The first one on the list, Ricardo's & Graziella's demo with guest star Braz was perhaps my favourite as it shows the wonderful, fun spirit that lives in the lambazouk community. There's also lots of collaboration among the various zouk styles that you find in São Paulo, which you can also see in this Renato & Babi's demo!

Shows playlist below is quite long as well so you should be able to find your favourite couples' perfomances. Out of  the less know (in Europe) couples I was most impressed by Rubia Frutuoso and Rui Tavares' show.

And finally, I've put together lists of the videos from the competition's professional category as well as the competition's amateur category. You'll find them on the links!

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