Tuesday, July 30, 2013

International Zouk Flash Mob 2013 - dancing for love & peace all around the world

Now is the time to jump on board the IZFM - International Zouk Flash Mob! After the success of the last year's event the international team has been working hard all summer preparing for the grand event for this fall. The flash mob will take on September 21st, the international day of peace, in well over 150 cities in about 50 countries. That means we'll have double the number of cities as was last year! It will be a fun day with thousands of zouk dancers - from new beginners to professionals - dancing to the same melody all around the world.

This year the song is by a well-know Brazilian zouk vocalist Paulo Mac. "Dance of Love" is a song specially made for this event (and I like the song actually, nice work!). In an international choreography competition zouk dancers around the world could send in their choreo suggestions for the song and a piece by Henri Velandia & Claudia Palestini from the U.S. got chosen. This is the choreo (note that the choreo may be adapted in your home to best suit the group's skill set).

How can you get involved? Go to this list to see if your hometown is listed - for each city there is some form of contact information or a Facebook group. Practices have just started during this month and you'll have plenty of time to join the group! If there isn't a group in your home town why not start one!? On the  the IZFM website and in the main IZFM Facebook group you can find all the information and if you have any doubts or questions you can post them in the group.

Why to get involved? Why not? This is a free event - to join in you don't have to pay anything. There are training sessions organised where you can practice the choreo either for free or with a minimal fee that will cover renting the space. You will meet lots of people and if you like flash mobs then this is the perfect chance to get involved in one! In the flash mob we will be dancing a couples but you don't need a partner to come along (but it doesn't hurt to bring one with you either!).

In Helsinki there are training sessions on Wednesdays in the park behind the Opera House at 7 pm. Everybody's welcome! Here is a great video from last year's flash mob to get you in the mood:

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