Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flash mob - zouk style!

Yesterday we had the first (but certainly not the last!) zouk flash mob in downtown Helsinki. We chose the square at the tunnel between the main railway and metro stations as it was forecasted to rain. And it worked out perfectly! With no specific practise we took over the floor one by one, finally forming a group of 5-6 zouky pairs. I was the first to start and was super exciting!

Some fancy improvised moves, stealing, 2-1 dancing... all the usual zouk stuff ;) We missed some lifts as the time just flew by but we'll get around to them the next time! Luckily at least we didn't get interrupted the security, apparently we were considered harmless. Well one very funny interruption kept going through our mob: the over-anxious floor-cleaning guy beeping around! Just the perfect addition to the mad mob!! Two songs and the group spread out. And met for a beer :)

Video cameras were present - here's one video taken by Joni and another one by Laura. Probably there's also more videos and pictures floating around the internet as we saw plenty of cameras there!

On a side note, we got the second place on the Helsinki Samba Carnival - the Roseira won with their Renaissance themed parade by two measly points (103 - 105). The PA system that broke down took a couple important points from our samba school but that's how it goes: everything have to go perfectly to win! In any case, our group within the Imperio do Papagaio got positive feedback and the full 2 points: "good mood, suitable and cheerful choreography! energetic and happy group! singing and appropriate use of space."

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