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2014 zouk congress calendar - updated!

This is an update to the extremely popular 2014 zouk congress calendar! The list below includes all major* zouk events around the world during 2014. Most of the events are now confirmed, even up until the end of the year! Those that are not confirmed are also on the list with their 2013 dates. The cancelled events are at the bottom of the list. If you'd like to see the previous version of the 2014 zouk congress list from Sep 2013 you can still view it here.

To help you plan your personal "zouk world tour" all the links and dates have once again been checked & updated, and all the events that appear for the first time in 2014 are marked as NEW. Also a couple new type of events have been included in the list - these are events that are designed to be "only" big international zouk parties with no or very limited amount of workshops. On the list these are marked with PARTY. My blog posts of the events can be also seen along the list! Any questions? Dig in!!

Find the latest zouk congress calendar at http://zouktheworld.com/zouk-calendar/!!

Berg's International Zouk-Lambada Summer Festival in Porto Seguro, Brazil on 31 Dec 2013 - 7 Jan 2014. blog/2013
International Zouk-Lambada Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 9-12 Jan. blog/2012
Zouk Libre Festival in Warsaw, Poland on 17-19 Jan. blog/2014
Zouk Meets Snow Festival in Rigi, Switzerland on 31 Jan - 3 Feb.

Westzouktime! in Brno, Czech Republic on 14-16 Feb.
I'm Zouk - International Miami Zouk Festival in Miami, USA on 20-24 Feb. NEW
Zouk Fest in London, UK on 28 Feb - 3 Mar. blog/2014

Zouk Austria Congress in Vienna, Austria on 7-9 Mar.
Congreso de Zouk en Galicia in Pontevedra, Spain on 14-16 Mar.
International Prague Zouk Congress in Prague, Czech Republic on 25 Mar - 1 Apr. blog/2013

F.I.E.L. Festival Internacional de Entretenimento Latino in Pírenopolis, Brazil on 11-13 Apr. 
NZ Brazilian Dance Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand on 18-20 Apr.

BH Zouk Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 30 Apr - 4 May.
Congreso Internacional de Lambada/Zouk en Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain on 1-4 May.
L.A. Zouk Congress in Los Angeles, USA on 1-5 May.
Prague Zouk Marathon in Prague, Czech Republic on 9-11 May. NEW PARTY
Zouk Family Meeting in Desden, Germany on 23-25 May. PARTY
Zouk World Cup in Zürich, Switzerland on 29 May - 3 Jun.

Brazilian Zouk Festival in Washington, DC, USA on 6-8 Jun. NEW 
Berlin International Zouk Congress in Berlin, Germany on 6-8 Jun.
Carioca Brazilian International Dance Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia on 12-16 Jun.
Moscow International Zouk & Samba Congress in Moscow, Russia on 26-29 Jun.
Interfusion Danse Congress in Montreal, Canada; unconfirmed (2013 dates: 27 Jun - 1 Jul). 

Summer Zouk & Kizomba Jam Session in Barcelona, Spain on 3-7 Jul. PARTY
London Summer Zouk Weekend in London, UK on 4-6 Jul. PARTY
Sydney International Zouk Festival in Sydney, Australia on 5-6 Jul. NEW
Zouk in Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 18-20 Jul.
ZoukDevils & friends Summer Weekend in Mataró, Spain on 24-27 Jul. PARTY
Casa de Zouk in Surfers Paradise, Australia on 25-27 Jul. NEW (replaces Ilha do Zouk Australia)
London Dance Congress in London, UK on 25-27 Jul. NEW 
Prague Zouk & Samba Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic on 25-27 Jul.

Sensual Summer Festival in Berlin, Germany on 1-3 Aug. NEW
Russian Zouk Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia on 7-12 Aug.
Zouk S.E.A in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 8-10 Aug.
Bachaturo in Warsaw, Poland on 22-24 Aug.
Bachaturo Holiday in Augustów, Poland on 25-31 Aug.
Amsterdam Zouk Congress in Amsterdam, Holland on 28-31 Aug.

Zouktime! Dance Holiday in Omiš, Croatia on 30 Aug - 6 Sep.
Zouk Lambada Beach Festival in Santa Susana & Barcelona, Spain on 4-7 Sep. blog/2012
Buenos Aires Zouk Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina; unconfirmed (2013 dates: 5-8 Sep).
Zouktime! in Brno, Czech Republic on 12-14 Sep. blog/2011
Royal Zouk & Kizomba Festival in Gdansk, Poland; unconfirmed (2013 dates: 27-29 Sep).

Fall for Zouk in New York, USA; unconfirmed (2013 dates: 11-14 Oct).
Dutch International Zouk Congress in Breda, Holland on 23-27 Oct.

Helsinki Zouk Festival in Helsinki, Finland on 31 Oct - 2 Nov. blog/2012 and 2013
Israel Zouk Congress in Dor beach resort, Israel; unconfirmed (2013 dates: 1-3 Nov).
Zouk Roma Congress in Rome, Italy on 7-9 Nov.
BizkaiZouk in Bilbao, Spain on 14-16 Nov.
Congresso Mundial de Zouk do Brasil in São Paulo, Brazil; unconfirmed (2013 dates: 15-17 Nov).
Middle-East Zouk & Latin Festival in Dubai, UAE on 19-23 Nov.

Spiral Dancers Zouk Festival in Lloret de Mar, Spain on 5-7 Dec.
Ramalho's Beach Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; unconfirmed (2013 dates: 12-15 Dec).
Berg’s International Zouk-Lambada Congress in Porto Seguro, Brazil on 30 Dec 2014 - 8 Jan 2015. blog/2013

Those of you who are wondering why some congresses are missing from the list, here are the events that have been cancelled for 2014:
  • Brazilian Beat Congress in Toronto, Canada: cancelled.
  • Congresso Brazileiro de Zouk (Zouk Fusion) in São Paulo, Brazil: moved to 2-5 Apr 2015.
  • SuriZouk Fest in Suriname: cancelled.
  • Ilha do Zouk on Ilha Grande in Angra dos Reis, Brazil: cancelled.
  • Zouk Splash in Calpe, Spain: replaced by Sensual Splash on 6-9 Jun (no zouk artists confirmed at the moment).
  • Brazil Central in Brisbane, Australia: cancelled.

*) For the sake of keeping the list compact I have included only the major events (generally speaking this means a festival with at least 3 international zouk teacher/artist couples). In addition to these there are an ever increasing amount of smaller, local zouk weekends with international visiting artists, check with your local dance schools! In the list above you'll find the dates of the 2014 events and for unconfirmed events (by Mar 31 2014) that have not been cancelled I have added the dates of the respective 2013 event in brackets. New events may and will appear, please follow the up-to-date calendar below or Dance the World Facebook page. Also note that even confirmed festivals may be cancelled or times altered at any point so check the latest info with the respective event's organisers! If you know of a great zouk event that is not on the list please add a comment on this blog posting!

P.s. In case you were wondering: this blog post is NOT an April Fools joke!! :)
P.p.s. Looking at the list above, I think I need to win the lottery to make my dream of visiting every single zouk event in the world come true!?!


This Google calendar below will be kept up-to-date as event dates are confirmed and new events announced. Please do check the links attached in the calendar markings for the latest information from the respective event organisers for any possible changes or cancellations. You can subscribe to the calendar below through this address.

2015 Zouk events

Quite a few organisers have already confirmed dates for their 2015 events - take a look at the up-to-date calendar above (includes e.g. Zouk Recife Congress, Zouk Austria Congress, Prague Zouk Congress, Zouk Underground Festival...)! A closer look at the 2015 Zouk events and a preliminary list will be published in this blog in Sep/Oct 2014!!

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