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Zouk Spring Season in Helsinki - 2015

I'm sure you guys have been waiting for this.... 2015 spring zouk season in Helsinki! Sorry for the delay in the blog caused by my Brazil trip (though honestly I'm not really all that sorry about it, hehe)!

As usual, note that the dates may be subject to change and more classes & parties are sure to appear - always check with the respective organisers for their latest schedule.


Regular classes

Rio zouk / zouk tradicional 
Teachers: Freddy Marinho and Andressa Castelhano
Dance school: Rio Zouk Style
When: 20 Jan - 30 Apr:
   Wed 19:45-20:45 progressive course / Fundamentals
   Tue and Thu 19:30-20:30 progressive course / Team A (beginners/improvers)
   Tue and Thu 20:30-21:30 progressive course / Team B (improvers/intermediate)
Where: Etnofitness
More info and register via Rio Zouk Style site

Teacher: Ossi Kimmelma
Dance school: Spiral Dancers
When: Starting 11 Jan:
   Mon 19:30-21:00 intermediate at SalsaStudio
   Thu 20:00-21:00 beginners at SalsaStudio
   Sun: 16:00-17:30 intermediate at TapahtumaSali
More info on Mzouk classes in Finland in the Spiral Dancers Finnish Facebook group

Brazilian zouk
Teacher: Soile Vedenpää
When: Dates to be confirmed
More info via Soile Vedenpää on Facebook

Special workshops and events

This spring we will be again have excellent zouk artists visiting Helsinki. More events may be announced during the spring so stay tuned to this post and the links in the "Stay up-to-date..." section below!

14-15 Mar: Zouk workshop weekend with Kadu & Larissa

11-15 Jun: AfroLatin Flow 2015 
(Read about the 2014 event here: AfroLatin Flow - a hot dance weekend in Helsinki!)


Weekly parties

Below are the regular zouk parties you'll find in Helsinki. Some cancellations and changes do occur from time to time and you can find the latest info on the organisers' sites!

AfroLatin Night
When: Mon 19:30/21:30-01:00
What: Mixed 'afrolatin' party. Starting 21:30 on the downstairs dance floor there is zouk, as well as kizomba, semba and bachata. On the upstairs dance floor you'll find salsa. Dance classes (salsa and sometimes other styles) before the party! And great news for us zoukers: Lately there has been a zouk-only session 19:30-21:30!
Where: Uggla
Entrance: 8€ (dance classes for an additional price)
Organiser: IDNZ

Zouk Sunday Social
When: Sun 18:00-20:00
What: Zouk social and practica. First hour is more focused on practicing and sharing experiences, with brighter lights and lower music volume. Second hour is more focused on socializing, with lower lights and songs with louder volume.
Where: Etnofitness
Entrance: 5€ / free for first-timers
Organiser: Rio Zouk Style

Occasional parties

Every now and then there are more irregular zouk parties taking place in Helsinki. Current confirmed party listing:

14 Feb: Zoukedelia

More parties will certainly appear to the spring agenda. For example, during 14-15 Mar Zouk workshop weekend with Kadu & Larissa and 21-13 Mar Lambazouk workshop weekend with Ricardo Ferrari you'll probably find special zouk-parties as well! Follow the links below and this page for more information.

Stay up-to date on zouk events in Finland

For updates on Brazilian zouk workshops, parties and all kinds of events happening this spring in Helsinki keep an eye on this page! Also you can take a look at our "Zouk in Finland" calendar. For more information see the links below, that go directly to the event organisers pages in Helsinki & Finland.

Zouk-lambada! For stuff like this, check out the Dance the World shop ;)

What is zouk?

Brazilian zouk is a dance full of passion, flow, spirit & soul. Read more here!

As you may have noticed from above, there are a couple different 'styles' of Brazilian zouk; zouk-lambada or lambazouk, Rio zouk or zouk tradicional, Neo zouk, Mzouk, etc. Pick your favourite or learn all of them! But worry not: feel free to start from any style! Dancers of any zouk style can dance with people from all styles of zouk, no matter where or from whom they have learned. For inspiration, read how I became a zouk dancer - and how can others too?

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  1. I didn’t know about these weekly Zouk parties. Thanks for sharing details here. I am a big party freak and usually attend dance parties at local party halls in Bay area. I really want to attend outdoor parties too!