Thursday, May 29, 2014

50 signs of zouk addiction

For my fellow zouk dancers.... I was going to make just a short list. But hey, I managed to stop at 50!!?!

1. You go shopping for clothes or shoes and see something you like. The first thing you think is "but can I dance in this"?

2. The clothes in your wardrobe are getting a lot smaller, shorter, lighter and less modest.

3. You become to know a new level of how bad your shoes can smell.

4. (Zoukeiras:) You start looking at other people's long hair with admiration and envy.

5. Most of the websites you visit contain the word "zouk" or "dance" in their url.

6. You've already decided to shut your laptop but then you think "I'll just watch one more dance video".

7. You have to get a new hard drive because your old one runs out of space from all the dance videos you have.

8. You start changing your user IDs and profile names to something that contains the word "zouk".

9. Your ringtone is a zouk song.

10. You think it's completely normal to get extremely close A) a person you don't know at all and B) a completely sweat-drenched person.

Friday, May 16, 2014

International zouk competitions

The dancers are a competitive breed of people. And why not? If you got skills, step up and show them! There are a couple of international competitions coming up in my favourite dance form, Brazilian zouk Sign up and be a zouk star!

May 30 - Jun 1 2014: Zouk World Cup

in Zurich, Switzerland held at the Zurich Zouk Congress (KSG, Limmatstrasse 114, Zürich), organised by KriZouk.

Qualifiers on May 30, 11:30 pm: Improvisation to 2 songs, one slow and one fast. All the competing couples will dance at the same time.

Finals on Jun 1, 11 pm: The finalist couple perform a choreographed zouk show (2-4 minutes).

Criteria: Musicality and rhythm; Creativity; Harmony; Use of space; Clothing.
The judges award 5-10 points for each criteria for every couple. The finalists will be chosen by the highest accumulated points of the qualifiers. Points from the qualifiers and the final will be summed up to for the total points for each couple.

Judges: Renata Peçanha, Jorge Peres, Rodrigo Delano, Renato Veronezi, Babi Pacheco, Bruno Galhardo, Eglantine Oliveira, Leandro Wakko, Masha Oliveira and more.

Prizes: Full passes of international zouk congresses.

Registration: Fill in the form here.
Registration fee: 50€ (includes entrance to Friday and Sunday parties).
Registration deadline: May 20 2014.

Note: The competition will be held only with the registration of 6 couples. Otherwise the competition will be canceled and registration fees refunded.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Styling for the whole body (and mind): Part 2 of zouk ladies' styling tips

This a follow up to the part 1 of zouk ladies' styling. There I looked into various parts of the body and how to best style them. Here I attempt to summarise the key ideas in styling - "styling for the whole body (and mind)".

If you have ladies' styling tips of your own please share to them to us here, or on DTW Facebook page! I'm always interested to hear about ways to become a better (and a better looking) dancer :) 

<< Missed Part 1? Go to previous post

Zouk styling summary

Less is more

After all the styling tips, there's one that I don't want you to forget: Less is more. It looks messy if you do all kinds of styling at the same time; run one hand by your side, the other around your head, the hip is turning, head going around.... And you look more like "I'm itchy" than "I'm sensual". A better way is to do the styling moves separately - you can even connect them: Turn the hip. Then place your hand(s) at your hip and run it (them) up your side, then around the head. Leave the hand(s) gracefully on one shoulder or open downwards and then roll the head around (relax the neck).

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zoukeiras, it's our time to shine! Part 1 of zouk ladies' styling tips

One of the first things someone told me about zouk is that the main job for the leader is to make the lady look beautiful! Probably everybody wouldn't agree that it is t-h-e main thing (but it sure sounds nice in my ears). But it's not only the leader's job to do that, it's also the ladies' job - and styling certainly makes a big impact in that.

In this post I will share the tips I've collected during the years regarding zouk ladies' styling. There are some universal ideas of what movements look nice and what don't - but still, the two important things I think you should remember in styling:

First of all: We are all unique and have your own individual style! Don't be stressed about not looking exactly like your zouk teacher, about moving just like her, having her physique, flexibility or looks. Be proud of your individual style!

Secondly: Every zouk style has different styling, to some degree. What fits one style may not fit the other - but learning more than one way to style does not hurt! Some concepts still remain the same in all styles and I try to focus on these here.

“It's better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else's perfectly.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

Below a number of "key concepts" in the follower's styling in zouk, as simply written as possible. Many of these have notes also about dance technique in general, how to move in a way that helps you also follow better and make your movement feel & look more elegant. These tips here have helped in my dancing and would say apply to any zouk style (zouk-lambada, Rio style, hiphop zouk, etc). I've included some style specific tips too!

If you have ladies' styling tips of your own please share to them to us here, or on DTW Facebook page! I'm always interested to hear about ways to become a better (as well as a better looking) dancer :)