Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer days in Estonia

Estonia is one my favourite countries for a weekend getaway... it's close, the travel is fast & easy, the food is tasty & cheap, there's lots of great shopping and I always some new places to visit.


This summer I made my first visit to Tartu - the second largest city in Estonia. While most summer visitors flock to the beach town Pärnu, Tartu is also a great place for a summer trip! Tartu is mostly know for its university, established in the early 1600's, making it one of the oldest in Northern Europe. It's a bit calmer & more compact than Tallinn and has lots of charming very old buildings and quiet streets to stroll around.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Helsinki Night of the Arts goes salsa .... and zouk!

Yesterday was the tradional Night of the Arts (Taiteiden Yö) in Helsinki. It's the night to see theater, circus, music and dance shows, visit art galleries, book stores and anything even remotely related to arts - all for free! The "Night of the Arts" events take place all around Finland and are on a Thursday evening at the end of August. They're really popular among intoxicated teens, but luckily there's also something else fun to do and see!

I'll give you one very good example: It was also the season's final Opera Salsa. This a series of events organised by Salsa Borealis usually every Sunday evening during the summer (you may remember it from last year too). Yesterday evening the stage behind the Opera House was filled with dance classes & shows and hundreds of people were there to have fun, show their move and learn something new. There was Cuban salsa, LA salsa, bachata, kizomba, semba and yes - also zouk! Our local Mzouk teacher Ossi Kimmelma together with Noora Kykkänen hosted a short class on Mzouk. Mzouk is a zouk style from Palma de Mallorca, popular in Barcelona at the moment.

Mzouk class by Ossi and Noora

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zouk classes in Helsinki - autumn 2013

The new school season is starting in Finland, and so are new dance classes! Here is a list of all the zouk courses that are taking place now and this autumn:

Monday, August 19, 2013

New designs, new shirts!

While I'm still working on getting back on track with my writing & photos from the summer adventures I've had some time to finalize another project of mine: zouk t-shirts! I wanted to create a print for promoting zouk - something that is original, looks fun & sexy and says "ZOUK" as big as possible so you can see it from a distance!!

Welcome to my shop to get your own!!

There are lots of different colours and models for both guys and girls (in the picture below are "some" of the options for girls)!

In case you want to make a group order for your team and want the graphics in some special color or with a custom text on the back of the shirt/hoodie that can be arranged, just comment on this post and I'll get back to you.

The shirts, printing, delivery & payment is done by Spreadshirt so if you have questions about them look up their Help section. Prices are pretty reasonable and I've liked the quality of the shirts before so can recommend them. Deliveries are available to all over Europe, US and Japan.