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Dance technique and insights

How I became a zouk dancer - and how can others too? How to become a samba queen?

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Dance events

All the dance events covered in the blog (in chronological order):

Dancing around the world

In the posts below you can read about the local dance scene and find information about weekly events with social dancing; zouk, salsa, kizomba and bachata.

Argentina, Buenos Aires:   Dancing up a storm in Buenos Aires 2012
Australia, Brisbane:   Zouk in Brisbane! And the story about how I got doudouleyd... 2012
Australia, Sydney:   Enjoying the Sydney latin scene
Brazil, Porto Seguro:   Berg's Congress - every zoukers dream holiday
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro:   Zouk in Rio - setting the Brazilian zoukeros on fire!
Brazil, Sao Paulo:   Can't stay away... and Week in the life of a zouk dancer in São Paulo...
Finland, Helsinki:   All about zouk in Finland and Social dancing in Helsinki...
Japan, Osaka & Tokyo:   Zouk in Japan - the surprising latin & Brazilian dance hub!
Netherlands, Amsterdam & more:   Zouk in the Netherlands .....gezellig!
New Zealand, Auckland:   New horizons: the start of my New Zealand adventures in Auckland
New Zealand, Christchurch:   Feel the earth move in Christchurch
UK, London:   Dancing away in London - last stop on my big trip!

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