Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goals for the winter

After losing some motivation with weight training, probably due to going all dance-crazy this spring, I'm now getting back to the gym. And since a month or so of taking a proper break it's now fun! It's strangely satisfying to have sore muscles. It's also easier to get motivated with real-life goals: I genuinely want to have stronger arms and core so that we can do even crazier lifts on the dance floor!

Goal 1: 100 push ups.
I'm testing this program with no real interest in being able to do 100 push ups but to have a simple program that drives me to do more upper body workouts. So far so good - I placed on the rank 2 in the initial test (12 push ups - men's style obviously). Now doing week 1 (third level as per the initial test) and feeling ok. Very curious if in six weeks I'll be able to do 100 push ups in one go...... Really? Really?! Will report on the eminent success or failure.

Goal 2: cartwheel or handstand.
No idea if either of those are feasible with my zero experience. Maybe neither, maybe both. But I'll try! Here's some videos I stumbled upon with "foolproof" instructions on how to learn to cartwheels and handstands and lots of other stuff (in Finnish), might be useful!

Goal 3: cleaning closets.
Nothing to with sports but with getting more closet space :D

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