Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Zouk music - your guide to artists and playlists

Updated Nov 11 2014 with second playlist and new music links!

I often get questions about zouk music... Us dancers love to get new music as much as we can. Even though our music collections can already have hundreds or thousands of tracks we keep looking for something new & exciting. I'm a passionate consumer of zouk music myself and look up new music every week so I thought I would offer you my zouk playlist! See & subscribe to the Dance the World Youtube channel for more playlists!

These playlists have some of my favourite tracks from the past couple years, including all kinds of music that have a tempo & beat suitable for dancing Brazilian zouk. I tend to prefer upbeat music but you'll find ballads, melodic tunes and lounge music on the list. And if you like R'n'B, hiphop, dubstep or kizomba there's plenty of that too - all zoukable tracks of course.

Where else to find zouk music?

Like you may have noticed from my playlists above many pop artists have zoukable music: Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Usher, Ne-yo, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Madonna, Michael Jackson,... But there are lots of artists creating zouk music and DJs producing zouk / zoukable remixes specifically for us dancers. Remember that these talented artists do a lot of work to cater our "small" dance communities so please support the artists and buy music from them! Below you'll find a fairly comprehensive list of good music sources to keep an eye on.

Artists and record labels
  • Billy Family (label), including artists such as 2Much and Thanya:  Youtube
  • Ekargaeventz (label), including artists such as Badoxa, Charbel, G-Amado, Jamice and Johnny Ramos: Youtube
  • KlassziK (label), including artists such as Anselmo Ralph, Nelson Freitas, Chelsy Chantel, Yola Araújo, Big Nelo, Pérola: site / Youtube
  • Sushiraw (label), including artists such as Kaysha, Lynnsha, Elizio, Aycee Jordan, Vanda May, Anarita: site / Youtube
  • Adi Cudz: Youtube
  • Gil Semedo: Youtube
  • Kadu Pires: SoundcloudYoutube
  • Kataleya: site / Youtube
  • Mika Mendes: Youtube
  • Nelson Freitas: site / Youtube
  • Paulo Mac: site / Youtube
  • SoulPlay: Youtube
  • Well Assis: Youtube

Zouk DJs

Blogs, zouk radios and other zouk music collections

If you have good music links (artists, blogs, radios, playlists, channels) for dancing Brazilian zouk feel free to add them in the comments!

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