Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brazil on the Baltic Sea!

Brazil, the Baltic Sea. What does the two of them have in common?

Well, two weeks ago a group of us went on a Brazil themed cruise over the Baltic Sea, from Helsinki to Stockholm - that's what!

There are a tens of cruise liners crossing the Baltic Sea between Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and Russia every day. Brazil was (and still is) a seemingly popular theme on the cruise liners Viking Line and Silja Line this spring! I obviously JUMPED on this like the Brazil, samba & zouk fan that I am, and organised a little trip for the group of us dancers!

So what's in a Brazil cruise on the Baltic Sea?

Obviously a big fat Brazilian buffet! The picanha wasn't as delicious as in Brazil (could it really be?) - but at least they had the picanha, yummy. The food was great, the selection was enormous and the company was fantastic!

Samba and capoiera shows! There was a couple shows each evening in the night club by a Brazilian dance goup. The samba costumes were quite beautiful actually!

Dancing on deck! We brought our own little stereo and danced while passing through the beautiful archipelago. The party continued late in to the night in the boat's nightclub!

Sightseeing! It had been a while since I stepped into Stockholm - and we managed to have the most beautiful spring day too. Fun times with our local zouk group!!

What, where, how much? 

If you're interested in sailing between Helsinki and Stockholm and love Brazil, now is the time! Viking Line has this theme until 30 April and Silja Line until 31 May. Helsinki-Tallinn and Stockhom-Tallinn cruises too, I believe, have the Brazil theme. Ours was the Viking Line cruise with Mariella - I'm sure all the options both cruise liners offer during the Brazil weeks have many things friends of Brazil will like!

Cost for a cabin (for 4 people) range between 50-1000€ - the more expensive, the more space or luxury you have. The Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki (or vice versa) cruises take about 40 hours, with about 7 hours in shore. A must on the boat is the buffet, costing 30-40€ per head, including beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea and all the tasty foods you could possibly eat! Book ahead for cheaper prices!

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