Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zouk summer season in Helsinki - 2014

The summer has started in Finland! This summer-loving country pretty much slows down to a halt ... but we keep on zoukin'!

Check out below the summer schedule for zouk!

Dates are subject to change and more classes & parties are sure to appear during summer - always check with the respective organisers for their latest schedule.

Zouk workshops

Update: yes there are weekly classes even during the summer!

Weekly zouk classes:

Teacher: Ossi Kimmelma
Dance school: Spiral Dancers
Location: TapahtumaSali
Level: Improvers
What: Mzouk; Brazilian zouk style developed in Mallorca, Spain.
When: Mondays 17:30-19:00 and Sundays 16:00-17.30 until the end of June!
More info here

Workshops scheduled now for June-August:

Zouk workshop with Bruno & Eglantine
Teachers: Bruno Galhardo and Eglantine Oliveira
Location: Etnofitness
Level: Improvers / intermediate
What: World renowned zouk couple from São Paulo, Brazil is visiting Helsinki.
When: 7-8 June
More info and register here.

Mzouk summer intensive course
Teacher: Ossi Kimmelma
Dance school: Spiral Dancers
Location: TapahtumaSali
Level: Beginners / improvers
What: Learn to dance mzouk; Brazilian zouk style developed in Mallorca, Spain. The class started 31 May but improvers can join this weekend as well.
When: 14 June
More info here

Zouk summer course with Freddy & Andressa
Teachers: Freddy Marinho and Andressa Castelhano
Dance school: Rio Zouk Style
Location: Etnofitness
Level: Beginners / improvers
What: Intensive course of Rio zouk style fundamentals.
When: 21-25 July
More info and register here.


Summer season means it's time for zouk outdoors! Along with the zouk parties I've included here "zouk friendly" kizomba events as well. All venues don't have their full summer schedule announced and regular dance nights may close for July or on bad weather. Please check the links before going!

Weekly (until further notice):

AfroLatin Night 
Mondays at 20:00-24:00 mixed "afrolatin" party at Uggla, organised by IDNZ. This is a weekly party but it will go on holiday from end of June to early August. On the downstairs dance floor there is zouk. kizomba and bachata; upstairs salsa. During the summer classes of Cuban salsa for beginners at 18:00-20:00. Entrance for the party: 5/7€.

Zouk Open Air
Wednesdays 19:00-21:00 zouk al fresco at "Opera stage" (amphitheatre behind the Opera House) - if the weather permits. Free for one-time visitors, regular zoukers pay 10€ for the entire summer season. Keep an eye on Brazilian Zouk in Finland Facebook page for updates.


Kizomba Zouk Flow
Occasionally on Tuesdays zouk & kizomba evenings at restaurant Havanna. Entrance 4€ + coat check.

Kizomba Friday
New club night at K2 Disco with kizomba, zouk, bachata and semba. 
Next party: Fri 6 June 22:00-04:00. Entrance 5€ + coat check.

Zouk parties
Occasionally on weekends zouk parties at Salsa Latina.
Next party: Sat 7 June 20:00-01:00. Entrance 5€.

Ghettozouk parties
Occasionally on weekends kizomba & zouk & semba parties, organised by EscandinaviaEventos Ghettozouk.
Next party: Sat 14 June 21:00-02:00 at Cafe Caisa. Entrance 5€.

What is zouk? Read here!

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