Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Island Salsa

Last weekend Salsa Borealis (Helsinki Salsa Association) organised a 24h salsa party in the Pihlajasaari island, a popular sunbathing and camping spot five minutes' boat ride south of the mainland Helsinki. The party started at noon on Saturday and ended some time Sunday afternoon and attracted I'd say at least a hundred salseros and salseras there! The weather was really hot with practically no wind, luckily the sea was still pretty cold so the steaming dancers could cool themselves down!

Salsa in Pihlajasaari - super rueda and lots of colourful dancers!

View to Helsinki from the island
There was also some international sailing competition going on between Pihlajasaari and the Suomenlinna sea fortress - lots of fast moving boats buzzing around!
And the weekend continued with Salsa Borealis' Tropical evening: the Töölölahti stage was packed with people. They played some zouk as well :)

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