Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let the girl fly...! Pasty would say. Tuesday was another 'zouk in the Opera park' evening. As a lot the zoukers were late or on classes we had to be a little more creative and try new things, such as following and leading blindfolded, two guys leading one girl.. whatever we could think of. A nice challenge and great practise!

Blind leading (..the blind?)

"Where did she go??" - Absolutely the best pic of this practise :D

We also took this extra time to work on some lifts -- working on the 'let the girl fly' part, which some of us in particular enjoy a lot! We put together our first lift combo:

That was so much fun! We'll definitely use this now - and continue working on the lifts in the future! Maybe some day our lifts will look something like in this show (perhaps with only some ~10 years of practise?!):

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