Monday, March 18, 2013

The soundtrack of a lambazouker - early 2013 edition

Before I get into my report on the Berg's Congress 2013 I'd like to share my Porto Seguro playlist. I've been collecting the most memorable and most played songs of the past January's Berg's Congress and also music from São Paulo zouk dance floors during that time. Here's the link to the playlist on Youtube!

At the bottom of this post is the list of artists and names of tracks on this playlist (to date). There are surely plenty of great tunes still "missing" and I welcome all suggestions! Out of all the tracks the biggest hits were perhaps 2Much's Anjo, Anarita's Letting Go Tonight, Brianna Barros' Love Me Like You Do, Bruna Tatiana's Te Quero Bue, Kaysha's Diamonds and Trey Songz' Heart Attack.

If you're looking for more zouk music here are some other good Youtube channels to keep an eye on (you can also subscribe to my channel):

Blogs, DJs and other zouk music:


Porto Seguro / 5th Berg's Congress 2013 playlist (roughly categorised):

Lambazouk songs (lots of good kizomba too):
2Much: Confession / Eu Não Quero Nem Saber / I Wanna Dance / Temperatura / Anjo (feat. Ravidson)
Anarita: Letting Go Tonight 
Andre: Bó Só / I Will Do
Anselmo Ralph: Atira Água (feat. Nelson Freitas & Eddy Parker) / Sem Ti
Atim: Eu Vou Ser / Taraxa Ma Mi (Down on me Remix, feat. Elji)
Big Nelo: Hoje Seras Minha (feat. Djodje) / Ela É (feat. Nelson Freitas) 
Brianna Barros: Love Me Like You Do (Kizomba remix)
Bruna Tatiana: Te Quero Bue
Celma Ribas: Number One (feat. Lil Saint)
Chelsy Shantel: You Didn't Wanna Love Me (feat. Chachd)
Dj Mike One: Viens Wayner (feat. Marvin, Admiral T & Rolian)
Djodje: Proibido
Eddy Parker: Sweet 18
Elizio: Angel / Je Suis Love
G Amado: Erro Fatal (feat. DJ Pausas) / Crazy / Bo Ca Ta Amam / Fofinha
Jacques d'Abraud - Tok Tok Tok
Kataleya: Amor Não E Complicado
Kaysha: Diamonds
Léa: Mas Perto (feat. Mika Mendes)
Márcia: Única / Ka Ta Da Mas (feat. Mark G)
Mark G: Chemistry
Mika Mendes: Tell Me Baby / Mágico / Só 1 Momento
Nashira Ramos: Still In My Heart
Nsoki: Meu Anjo (feat. Nanutu)
Oswald: My Baby YOLO
Paulinha: Gangsta (ft ChaChi & MarkG)
Perola: I Wanna Let You Know My Name
Ravidson: Dança Ma Mim / Sextasy (feat. NGA)
Rei Helder: Sexy (ft. C4 Pedro & Lil Saint) 
Sheila: Takieto (feat. Nany)
Tânia: Fica Quieto (feat. Dji Tafinha) 
Trey Songz: Can't Be Friends (M&N Pro Remix) / Heart Attack (M&N Pro Remix)
Vanda May: Nao Me Tarraxa / So Prazer
Well Assis: Delirar / Tempestade
Yola Araujo: Apaga Essa Chama / Don't Doubt
Zona 5: Sou Sortudo (feat Anselmo Ralph)

And some top hits from other zouk style (Vero, Neo, Rio,...):
Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind Part II 
Baby Boy Da Prince: The Way I Live ft. P. Town Moe 
Chris Brown: Don't Judge Me (M&N Pro Remix)  
Elliott Yamin: Know Better 
Lindsey Stirling: Crystallize 
Melanie Fiona: 4AM (Dj Kakah Remix) 
Paulo Mac: A Nossa Música / Prisioneiro da Paixão (feat. Ricky Boy)
Usher: Seduction 

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