Friday, October 28, 2011

Best in travel 2012

Thinking about where to go? The Lonely Planet - one of my favourite sources of travel info - just published their top 10 list of countries for the next year. Quite a surprising mix from around the world:
10. Switzerland
9. Taiwan
8. New Caledonia
7. Cuba
6. Bhutan
5. Denmark
4. Jordan
3. Ukraine
2. Myanmar ...and drumroll:
1. Uganda!

Well well, I haven't visited any of them! Many of their neighbours are on my list already... And actually nr. 8 might be a stop in my next year's trip, close enough at least to think about it!

On the travellers' top lists there are more "familiar" destinations, such as the Tripadvisor's Best of 2011; Cape Town, Sydney, Machu Picchu, Paris, Rio, NY, Rome, London, Barcelona, Hong Kong... Not very surprising but why argue with millions of travellers. Of course Lonely Planet's editors wants to give us new ideas and I like that! The Tripadvisor's list of best hotels in 2011 is a more eclectic collection, quite diverse!

The problem with all these lists, especially those that highlight smaller places such as hotels or restaurants (like the Michelin guide) is that once they make it on an important list, the prices become inflated and rooms & seats fully booked for ages. Even though I root for sharing information, if - if -  I find for example an amazing little beach in some corner of the world, I might just keep the information to myself ;) (Though I probably couldn't!!)

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