Sunday, October 16, 2011

First zouk demo!

Yesterday my darling friend Sami celebrated his 30th birthday with a big bash. As the date came closer he invited me to do a little zouk demo at the party - and probably had no idea what he signed up for. Neither did my dance partner Jaakko but he was happy to make it happen. With two hours of practice on the afternoon before the event we came up with some small tricks.. I cut up an old white skirt.. And our zouk "show" was ready:

The music was cranked up and I could feel the electricity in the room when we started... and the adrenaline! Everybody loved the show and was really heartwarming to hear all the lovely comments afterwards! But hey, who wouldn't love zouk!? Doing that and watching the video later were both great learning experiences for me. I didn't mind the slippery shoes or any little mistake when I could see how moved people were - I'm sure the passion for zouk shone through and we are always thrilled when we get to share that.

There was also two circus shows earlier in the evening. I was inspired to see their smooth acrobatics, I admire the body control and strength the performers have and they had some good ideas - and interesting use of body paint(?)!

It was a fantastic night, great party all through the night until the wee wee hours of the morning... Happy Birthday Sami, hope you have a fantastic year to come!

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