Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zouk 1 year in Finland!

It's now one year since the zouk invasion rolled into Finland! I've been part of the crusade for 7 months only but a strong member of this crazy crew that's about to take over the entire country ;) To celebrate this birthday (or anniversary?) the FinZouk team organised a big party last Saturday!

And what a party it was! The Helsinki Salsa Academy was ours for the night and we had lured in quite a number of old and fresh zoukers. The program packed evening included a couple b-day rodas, our talented teacher's show and loooots of dancing! I had perhaps the best zouk night of my short but expansive zouk history!! An equivalent of a "perfect game", I burned the floor with passion and precision all through the night. And good times didn't limit to the dance floor - was happy to just hang around with the happy crowd while catching a breath between all the dancing :)

There was also a professional photographer present, Kim Laine (who also excels on the dance floor with salsa and bachata among others), who gave us lasting memories of the night. I was surprised how well he had captured even the fast flying figures.. and even more surprised to see that I'd managed to look rather presentablel!

 You can go 'like' Brazilian Zouk in Finland (you may need to have a Facebook account to be able to do that) and see all the pictures - and also be updated about all the zouk activities in Finland!

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