Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can I have a zouk on the beach?

While the hot summer weathers were visiting Finland we arranged a trip out of Helsinki to the neighbouring Vantaa's Kuusijärvi (='pine tree lake'). The zouky people spread their blankets in the middle of the unsuspecting sunbathers, had a little picnic snacks, chatted and went for a swim in the cool lake.. until Markus arrived with his boombox - which he's named the Zoukblaster - and we just had to start dancing! When we started doing the zouk moves I heard people around us asking if they were on candid camera :D No, just our 2-3 hour unplanned zouk party ;)

Swimming in the lake had a nice cooling effect in the middle of the all the dancing. Have to say it was interesting to dance with the oily/sweaty/half naked guys... After all that dancing on the uneven terrain (+ the samba carnival and tropical party the day before) wore this dancer down and I skipped the bachata party in the evening. Next time bachateros!

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