Thursday, June 9, 2011

Essential shopping

Today was my lucky day: finally found a new pair of dance shoes for zouk and other latin socials/parties! My collection of zoukable shoes is veeery limited and despite numerous attempts have not found a pair of "real" dance shoes that would fit my feet of strange proportions. Almost ordered tons of shoes from one US online store (that had a super helpful customer service) but backed out at the last minute as there wouldn't have been any sensible way to return them.

So these shoes I just found randomly at a local generic shoe store. Fit is great, they stay firmly on (yes, did some zouk 'laterals' in the store), have just the right heel height, don't look too boring and the price was ok (49,90€, Andiamo). Win!

Also found 4 tops, 2 belts and nail polish on the same trip - all at half the price of the shoes!! Ok, I admit they weren't exactly "essential" but at least cheap :D And hey, returned some jeans to another store so they were basically free... :P

Bought some samba essentials as well: hair extension for the carnival. Needed a new one as I've turned blond since the last carnival and luckily found a cheap & decent looking piece (9€ from Cybershop). It's a whopping 75 cm long (in reality 150 cm, folded) and goes down all the way to my waist. Might keep it long this time and then can trim it for the next carnival since it will get messy anyway after one use. Also got some new piece of belly jewlery that will match the samba costume - very important stuff! ;)

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