Friday, June 10, 2011

Countdown to HSC.. 3,2,1!

Final preparations for the Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2011! Days to the carnival: 1!

Tan, check!
Nails done, check!
Hair ready for the final fixes tomorrow, check!
Make up all set, check!
Energy bars and recovery drinks bought, check!
Costume pieces all done, sown together and neatly organised, check!
Well, almost... :D Very very close and everything will be 'check' by the end of the night and can sleep well before the big day :)

Already started to hydrate myself for the carnival, will be a super sunny and steamy afternoon tomorrow!! Also stocking up on magnesium. And healthy food. After visiting the pharmacy and the grocery store earlier today to prepare myself for the exceptionally HOT samba carnival tomorrow started to feel like I'm preparing for war :D The amount of stuff I hoarded.... Bandages, plasters, safety pins, painkillers, sun screen and tons of snacks & sports drinks.. and the very important "recovery drinks" :P

Here's some of the items I'll be packing with me tomorrow (not including any of the makeup and hair products - or the costume)...  And a sneak peak of the costume colors and materials below :)

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