Monday, June 6, 2011

Testing new things

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

Bought a new portable speaker - for beach dancing obviously! Did some testing while having a picnic & tanning session with the girls. And couldn't resist doing a couple zouk steps as well, hehe. And worked out fantastically! Volume and bass are pretty impressive and battery life seems good as well, all considering the tiiiiiny size and the low prize. Happy with it already!

Some animal testing was also involved :D Totally voluntary though, the accompanying doggy must have liked having some nice beach-y zouk music :)

So it wasn't enough that we've been going to beaches, parks and cliffs to catch the rays, finally got a sunbed for my balcony! First test results were very positive!! But getting a bit warm at the balcony - not complaining about that for sure :)

Most importantly - did some salsa testing last week as well! Had a very nice guy leading me at one party and showing some crossbody and whatnot moves.. My salsa vernacular is still very limited. But wasn't all that bad! Maybe will start to do a little bit salsa every now and then! Better to do that than be bored when they play salsa at (all) the parties :D

So stopped by yesterday at the Opera Salsa event organised by the local Salsa Borealis. Couldn't dance then unfortunately thanks to a sore shoulder. But socialized with my dancing friends in stead :) A nice turnout though, way much more people than at our zouk events.... but we're getting there (-very opimistic-)!

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